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Break Free Movie is at the development phase. This is a powerful project and we are currently casting actors for the following characters for #BreakFreeMovie. APPLY NOW for the role that suits you and send your resumes to connect@okgglobal.com
  • Lead role, Female, 35-45 years old, could be from any background. She is the heartbeat of the story, motivated, driven, reliable and firm in her beliefs of creating a just world and does not tolerate injustice. She never backs down from going after what’s just and true. She is a woman of integrity who does not scare easily, and who believes that justice is worth the fight, even if it takes every drop of blood, tears and sweat to achieve it.

  • Lead role, Female 17-19 years old, Asian background. She would be a victim of human trafficking, captured, detained and subjected to force labor, harassment and maltreatment. Ellah is highly ambitious, a talented singer and a go-getter. Singing is her go to medicine..

  • Lead role, Female, 22-25 years old, Asian background. Someone who is intense, passionate with a little training in martial arts/boxing is preferred because she would be among the team of those who will embark on a rescue mission to breakfree the victims of human trafficking.

  • Supporting role, Male, 25-30 years old, white caucasian. Marcela’s best friend, martial artist, rough around the corners but considerate and intelligent. He is part of the search and rescue mission.

  • Lead role, Male, 40-50 years old, white caucasian. Paul is the antagonist, rich and powerful, arrogant and cocky.

  • Male, 27-30 years old, white caucasian. Mark will play the role of the son of Paul.

  • Supporting role, Female, 28-38 years old, African background. The protagonist best friend and go to person, an immigrant from Nigeria to Canada, whose friend was a victim of human trafficking back in Nigeria. The protagonist brings her in to help with the search and rescue mission.

  • Female, 25-35 years old providing breaking news as the story unfolds.


She was just an accountant, but how did she expose a human trafficking empire and rescue those that were trafficked. Stay tuned for this epic showdown coming to you in 2022.


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Break Free movie is an upcoming suspense/crime/thriller feature film in its development phase. OKG Studios is currently casting for the following characters listed here. Please carefully review each role and submit your application for the character you are interested in. We will contact you to set up your audition. Production is scheduled to start sometime in 2022 in North America.

It is important to note that the following roles advertised are all paid opportunities.

APPLY NOW for the role that suits you.

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